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Steven Flood Environmental Studies Assignment 5 1. In the hard science reading, there were many parts in the beginning that were very easy to understand like the shifting of vegetation and wildlife to the north, and the invasion of alien vegetation from the south as well as a decrease in land mass for the former occupants of the tundra. However, when it came to explaining the perturbation experimentation, it became significantly harder to follow along. The popular article was quite clear throughout and offered some very valuable information, including the bit where it said raising sea level would not be an issue from melting ice, which is very often portrayed in the media. The podcasts differed a little, as they were less factual and more anecdotal, probably because it was verbal and in an interview-type format. I found this to be more exciting, and every bit as easy to understand even in the more scientific podcast where Marika Holland was able to respond to questions about climate models and put them into
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