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1 CHEMISTRY 130 General Chemistry: Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles Fall 2018 Syllabus Overview of the course Chemistry 130 is a general introduction to the principles of chemistry. Chemistry 130 meets as lecture and discussion sections only. General Chemistry laboratory is a separate course (CHEM 125 and 126) which is recommended to be taken concurrently but does not need to be 125 can be taken in a later term. Some students have had the equivalent of Chemistry 130 in high school and proceed directly to Chemistry 210 (Organic Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity I). The usual requirement for this is advanced placement (AP) 4 or 5 credit. In CHEM 130, you will attend lectures three times per week. In addition, you will meet once per week in a discussion/problem solving class led by a graduate student instructor (GSI). Individually graded weekly quizzes will also be given in discussions. Lecturer Uniqname Section Time Room John DiMeglio jldime 100 10 11 AM 1800 MWF Jennifer Schmidt-McCormack jschm 200 1 2 PM 1800 MWF Indrajit Deb ideb 300 2 3 PM 1800 MWF Carol A. Castañeda castanca 400 10 11 AM 1200 MWF/1640 Th Carol A. Castañeda castanca 500 9 10 AM 1210 MWF CHEM 130 Canvas Site: Instructor office hours: See Canvas site. Required Course Materials 1. Required textbook: Zumdahl/Zumdahl, General Chemistry, Custom Edition for University of Michigan CHM 130 . The custom edition is available ONLY at the Ann Arbor campus bookstores as a package with ISBN 9781337043960 that includes the textbook, and the access code to the online web learning (OWL) homework and electronic copy of the book (e-book). You MUST use your UMICH.EDU email address to register your account, in order for your grades to transfer to Canvas. Our custom text contains only the chapters of the Zumdahl/Zumdahl text that we cover in CHEM 130. If you purchase the full version of the text elsewhere or if you just want an e-book, you can purchase an e-book with full OWL homework access at . Use your UMICH.EDU e-mail address to create and register your account. The e-book with 6-month OWLv2 access above is the least expensive option available. Textbook options with links to purchase and registration pages are included below. The ONLY OWL access code that works for this CHEM 130 class is the one above!
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