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W S 201 - Exam One Study Guide

W S 201 - Exam One Study Guide - EXAM ONE REVIEW Section...

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EXAM ONE REVIEW Section 138 o First Wave of Feminism Started with women in the 1840s and 1850s Anti-slavery movement nurtured female organizing efforts and stimulated thinking about human rights Elizabeth Cady Stanton → end subordination of women in all areas of life Women’s rights conventions began to be held regularly African Americans that worked for the emancipation of African Americans and women Maria Stewart → spoke in public to groups of women and men; urged African American women to become economically independent Sojourner Truth → spoke at women’s rights and anti- slavery meetings Mary Ann Shadd Cary → argued Black women were eligible to vote under the 14 th Amendment Women’s rights activists believed winning suffrage with necessary for all other aspects of women’s emancipation Focus on suffrage Advantange: concrete reform that could mobilize women Disadvantage: required gaining the approval of male voters and politicians White women would appeal to the south by saying they would help to sustain white supremacy Ida B .Wells → initiated a crusade against lynching “New woman” of early 20 th century → embodied self-reliance and engagement with the world 1920 → women’s suffrage amendment ratified 1930s → women working during the depression were regarded with suspicion o Second Wave of Feminism Equal rights → started among women working within government agencies 1966 → National Organization for Women (NOW) → Worked for equality in work, education, and policies Founded by Betty Friedan → Wrote The Feminine Mystique 1960s → Women’s liberation Women began to speak up about their lives → consciousness raising
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Interaction of the various groups of women strengthened the feminist movement NOW helped women gain power Row vs. Wade → case in Texas about abortion Supreme Court ruled abortion as legal in 1973 1972 → Equal Rights Amendment passed by Supreme Court but was not ratified Section 139: The Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention, 1848 o Lists all the unjust things bestowed on women o Resolutions Women should be equal to men Section 140: What Feminism Means to Me o Life means adjustment and readjustment o Emotion and spirituality are bonds which men and women share o Feminism is mutuality and a state of mind o An economic attitude – equal opportunity to work o Equal pay for equal work Section 21: An Educator’s Primer On the Gender War o “Boys are daily casualties of zealous efforts to help girls” o Most school principals are female, since they seem better equipped to manage demanding parents and a predominantly male faculty o Boys getting better grades but lower test scores → Alice Paul HS (fictional) o
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W S 201 - Exam One Study Guide - EXAM ONE REVIEW Section...

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