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W S 201 - Study Guide 2 - EXAM ONE REVIEW TERMS o...

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EXAM ONE REVIEW TERMS o Empowerment → the processes by which women gain greater power over their own lives both within and outside of the home, and their power to bring about change in situations of gender inequality o Feminism → entails a commitment to breaking down the structures that keep women lower in status and power o Patriarchal societies → have economic, political, cultural, and legal structures that perpetuate gender inequality o Transnational feminism → feminism that cuts across cultures and unites women’s struggles from many parts of the world o Global feminism → recognizes diversity and theat there are diverse meanings of feminism, each responsive to the needs and issues of women in different regions, societies, and times o Ethnocentrism → thinking one’s culture’s way is the right and only way o Patriarchy → a social organization where men have the highest status in the family or clan o Gender wage gap → the common gap between male and female earnings with women generally receiving less pay; On average, women earn 2/3 of what men earn o Feminization of poverty → poverty is said to have a “woman’s face”
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W S 201 - Study Guide 2 - EXAM ONE REVIEW TERMS o...

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