101 1st review

101 1st review - JLMC 101 - REVIEW OUTLINE FOR CHAPTERS 1-7...

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The test will comprise 75 questions, either multiple choice or true/false. The test covers Chapters 1 through 7 in the text and the lecture material since the beginning of the semester. The pre-test and post-test questions will be a good basis for studying the text. If you're carefully read the text, used mymasscomlab.com for the audio and visual materials, and used the study guide for each chapter, you should be well-prepared. Chapter 1 --Mass Media Literacy What's the difference between illiteracy and aliteracy? o Illiteracy → can’t read or write o Aliteracy → can’t learn by reading but can write name Who's a "platform agnostic" and what does he mean when he says he is? o Platform Agnostic → agnostic means neutral About how many hours a week does the average person spend using traditional media? o People spend 60% of their waking hours with the mass media What is "fractionalization" and how is it affecting the "binding" purpose of the media? o Fractionalization → separating into groups by interests/common grounds Why was Johannes Gutenberg selected as the "personal of the millennium"? What did he invent, when did he invent it? o 1446 → Invented movable type What does the text mean by "conglomeration" and why does it concern some media scholars? o Conglomeration → combining of companies into larger companies o Decreased diversity of messages, decreased quality of publications Why did Vivendi crash? o Rapidly expanded and then collapsed Chapter 2 -- Books In the US, both book publishing and newspaper publishing benefited from three things--a social movement, a technological development, and a migration of people. What were they, and how did each have a positive effect on society? o Social Movement - Free Public Education (1840s), Technological Development – Wood Pulp Paper(cheap paper), Migration of People – Irish Potato Famine and Germans How did the printing of books affect social progress ? o Literacy rate went up, created middle class What books taught generations of children to read? o McGuffey’s reading textbook series in 1836 Why was Uncle Tom's Cabin so important and who wrote it? o It was an American Novel in 1852 o Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe o More Americans read it than any other book between 1852 and the Civil War o Some believed this book led the war Is the book industry consolidating or fragmenting? Why? o Consolidating o Fewer and fewer companies are dominating more and more of the world’s book output What is a vanity press and how does it work? o
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101 1st review - JLMC 101 - REVIEW OUTLINE FOR CHAPTERS 1-7...

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