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Why England and Not France ? - England moved away from creating customized goods for a select few meaning the wealthy and toward manufacturing a large amount of goods for a relatively low price - France had more centralized government where as England started to move away from this - France was not very tolerant of other religions - Most Scientist were English i.e. Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle - England had huge deposits of coal (there had been deforestation of trees earlier in England) - Lewis makes case for coal being the Catalyst for British Industrialization - Coke fueled blast furnaces during the early 18 th century Abraham Darby. Coke is slow burning coal and was much more efficient than the charcoal buring blast furnaces. - The need for process to get coal from mines under water, led to the Newcomen Engine, or the Steam Engine (atmospheric engine)-used to pull water out of mine
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Unformatted text preview: 1712-Frances transportation system was developed to move the military around, where as England’s was set up to move coal and other resources around -Built in markets, England had an economic doctrine (mercantilism) ready made markets for British manufactured goods -England had an Agricultural revolution in the years before the Industrial revolution Enclosure -the selling of public land to private owners, machine tool- the making of machines by machines More standardized parts Newcomen -not extremely educated -produced about 75 of his engines -James watt made improvements -Mathew Bolton became partner -made about 1000 engines about 26000 horse power engine became known as the watt-Bolton engine The watt engine put out 5x more power that newcomen Coal to steam...
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