Chapter 8-12 Review

Chapter 8-12 Review - CHAPTERS 8-12 REVIEW Chapter 8...

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CHAPTERS 8-12 REVIEW Chapter 8 Lucille Ball and why she's important o I Love Lucy was not transmitted live o Multiple cameras filmed several takes o I Love Lucy marked the start of television’s shift to Hollywood o I Love Lucy became television’s first Los Angeles show o Invented the idea of the re-run How CATV (cable) works o Ran a cable down into town and stretched wire on telephone poles to deliver pictures to houses from the hilltop antenna Where local stations get their programming o Broadcast networks pay local affiliates to broadcast their programming and ads. How syndication works (what company did we study) o KingWorld → largest syndicator o Syndication sell to local affiliates, not broadcast networks o Rachel Ray → highest syndication debut since Dr. Phil When digital TV will become a reality o Deadline is 2009 for all transmission to be digital Public television and how it's supported o Affiliates pay PBS to carry their programs o PBS acquires many programs from a handful of stations Know the "who's who" of television names o Mark Burnett Created the Eco-Challenge television series 2000 → created Survivor o Michael Novak Said, “Television is a molder of the soul’s geography. It builds up incrementally a psychic structure of expectations. It does so in much the same way that school lessons slowly, over the years, tutor the unformed mind and teach it how to think.” o Linda and Robert Lichter and Stanley Rothman Have surveyed the television creative community Say the creators of television programs are social reformers who build their political ideas into their scripts o Philo Farnsworth Came up with the idea for using a vacuum tube to pick up moving images and then display them electronically on a screen → Invented television o Vladimir Zworykin Said he deserved the credit for television because he invented the iconoscope o Stanley Hubbard 1994 → Joined General Motors to off a direct-broadcast satellite service o Rupert Murdoch Biggest global satellite service was put together by him Acquired DirecTV in 2003 Created Fox network o Pat Weaver
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Created many NBC innovations Responsible for the late-night comedy-variety talk show and for the early morning show Authorized special one-shot programs, spectaculars o David Sarnoff NBC executive o Edward R. Murrow Started See It Now , a weekly investigative program Critic of government o William Paley Created the CBS radio network o Roone Arledge Created Monday Night Football in 1969 o Gerald Levin Expanded HBO to a pay-per-month service with 24-hour programming Sent HBO signal to satellite o Ted Turner Created CNN in 1980 Worked on developing a stream of revenue from national advertisers o Chris Matthews Became a leader among cable talkers with Hardball on MSNBC o Clay Whitehead Telecommunications director for Richard Nixon Proposed bypassing CPB to localize noncommercial broadcasting during the Nixon
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Chapter 8-12 Review - CHAPTERS 8-12 REVIEW Chapter 8...

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