World War I Assignment

World War I Assignment - Ben Hirsh Cultures of War World...

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Ben Hirsh Cultures of War World War I Assignment After reading all the poems, the novel, analyzing the posters, watching the movies and having the in class discussions World War I became a lot more vivid in my mind. Prior to taking this class my knowledge for WWI was minimal and somewhat incorrect. However after this unit I found myself knowing a lot more now than I ever did before. Comradeship; defined by the dictionary as being an intimate friend or associate. In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, comradeship meant just that if not more. The soldiers felt a very close bond to one another through many different trials and tribulations. In the beginning the soldiers were asked to enlist together, that is the beginning of the men becoming comrades. Through basic training and life before the war started is when they really began bonding and becoming closer with one another. Once the war began is when they really showed that intimate friendship. They cared for one another when one was injured. In the beginning of the war the soldiers go and visit their fellow soldier and friend Kemmerich. He is stuck in the hospital after being wounded in his leg which is about to be amputated. The men stick by his side to make this process easier, just that is a very important aspect of being a good friend or in this case a good comrade. In the All Quiet movie the comradeship was more visible. All the soldiers being together in those close quarters while sounds of death and destruction were going off, they all were making sure one another was okay. Every time something negative or positive happened the soldiers grew closer together, they were always there for each other whether it be sneaking food around or carrying a wounded comrade to safety. It was
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World War I Assignment - Ben Hirsh Cultures of War World...

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