Mkt 340 - Final Review

Mkt 340 - Final Review - College of Business MKT 340 *...

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College of Business MKT 340 ** Spring 2006 Final Exam Review Please review the material for the comprehensive finals by going over the Reviews that were posted for Mid-Term Exams 1 and 2. Review for the non-comprehensive part of the exam (Chapters 15 thru 22) Channels Issues Difference between distribution channel and supply chain Marketing channel consists of individuals and firms involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by consumers or industrial users. Supply chain consists of a sequence of firms that perform activities required to create and deliver a good or service to consumers or industrial users. Differs in terms of membership. Traditional/conventional channels vs vertical marketing systems Traditional channels are a loosely knit network brought together to distribute goods or services while vertical marketing systems are professionally managed and centrally coordinated marketing channels designed to achieve channel economies and maximum marketing impact. The utilities provided by the channel members Form, place, time, possession Disintermediation – what it is and its implications Channel conflict that arises when one channel member skips another Distribution options and the determinants Industrial distributor (wholesalers), electronic marketing channel (internet), direct marketing channel (mail order), dual distribution (more than one channel) Role of logistics in distribution of goods and services Marketing relies on logistics to get products to consumers, right amount to right place at
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Mkt 340 - Final Review - College of Business MKT 340 *...

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