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Sailing Analysis

Sailing Analysis - 1"I Sail Better Hung-over The Role of...

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1 “I Sail Better Hung-over” The Role of Defense Mechanisms In Sailing and its Surrounding Community Sailing has sculpted me and my life for as long as I can remember. Since I was six, when I first began sailing, my schedule has been dictated by sailing events and my greatest goals have been sailing oriented. I have spent most of the free time in my life sailing, and have spent many of my summers traveling to different sailing venues. It is quite easy for me to say that I love nothing more than to be in a boat on the ocean, moving using nothing but the wind and my wits. However, having taken a step back from this life in order to write this paper, I have become a bit confused as to how I see myself spending my remaining time on this earth. I have always assumed that I, as the adults around me, will soon take sailing up as a pastime, nothing more than a hobby. I will, as they have, get a job working 9-5 hopefully doing “what I love”, and will earn enough money to support 2.5 children and a wife. Sailing’s role in my life will for me, as it has for so many, fade into obscurity and become merely a story for the kids. This assumption has now come into question, thanks to ENG-77, the modern mind. Why should I sacrifice my passion for sailing in order to pursue a career that leaves me wanting for a life that gives me true happiness? Why should I settle for a cruel compromise that forces me into a job that I will almost surely enjoy far less than living on a boat with the people I love. The resounding answer that echoes in my head is that there is no way to do this without money, and to get money you have to work. Once
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2 again, my dream has been shot down, and left with a less than pleasurable replacement that suits society’s expectations of a proper citizen. All this aside, it is quite obvious that the impact sailing has had on my life is profound, and I wish to delve into its role in shaping me, and the people around me. I believe that the best way to do this is to start with the most obvious impact; the way sailing has shaped my body. Then, using this knowledge, dig deeper into how this has shaped my interactions with the world around me, and the people in my life. Sailing is a very physical sport. The ocean and wind are very unforgiving, and in order to be able to properly handle a boat in these conditions a good sailor must be a combination of NASCAR driver, soccer player, and ballet dancer. So I have become this: I am 5’11”, weight 155 pounds, have a vertical leap of 3’7”, and can run a 6 minute mile. I am by no stretch of the imagination a superman, but I am a reasonably fit human being. I have to stay light for the boats I sail, so I can never get too built. I must however, have no extra fat, so I run miles every day. This alone has played an enormous role in who I am today; I am, on the outside, very confident and reasonably fit. Having these two attributes has shaped my interactions with those around me, allowing me to feel comfortable in social situations and be at no loss for friends and company.
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Sailing Analysis - 1"I Sail Better Hung-over The Role of...

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