Sources - Copy.pdf - Dr GabrielleSimm Contact details Consultation by appointment Introductions Inpairs 1 2 ?The otherstudents?Theseminarleader

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Public International Law Dr Gabrielle Simm Contact details: Consultation by appointment
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Introductions Write your preferred name on nameplate In pairs:1. Which languages do you speak?2. What do you expect from this class? Theother students? The seminar leader?
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Assessment 1. Class participation: 2. Mid term assignment: 3. Final Exam: Books Class breaks
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Nature and Subjects of International Law What is Public International Law?
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Bright Sides Dark Sides International Law: Bright and Dark Sides?
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Sources of International Law
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Statute of the International Court of Justice 1945, art 38 1. a. Treaties b. Custom c. General Principles of Law d. Judicial Decisions and Publicists 2. Ex aequo et bono if parties agree
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