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English- Fairytales

English- Fairytales - Nate Rosenberg English I Expository...

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Nate Rosenberg English I Expository Writing Carolyn Croissant Paper #2 It is a process that I have heard from friends, seen in movies, and been warned to avoid by parents. Sheltered by family, and curious out of their wits, college students go out into the world with no experience in the chemical and sexual indulgences that are so prominent in today’s world. When the chance to experience some of these feelings arrives, some young people spin into addiction, or find themselves in dangerous company. Although I grew up in an area where drinking and smoking are extremely prominent, and I was exposed to both at a relatively young age, the change in freedom from my structured high school life at home to college living can not be described as anything other than extreme. I have the freedom to be with whomever I choose, whenever I choose, and to partake, or indulge, in any activities that I choose. Coming from an area where I was exposed to many of these things I think the change was relatively easy for me. However, I know a few people who I know have found themselves in an excellent school, with bad grades, and surrounded by people who seemed awfully nice until they needed your money. This is the lesson told by the modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood called Silver and Gold , by Ellen Steiber. Silver and Gold has almost exactly the same storyline as Little Red Riding Hood , with the exception that the little girl is speaking to a doctor at the end. The doctor is unable to understand how the little girl could not see that the wolf was not her grandmother. He also says she must give thanks to the Huntsman, who saved her from
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certain death by tearing open the wolf and helping her out. The little girl says she is very grateful, not only for her life but for her granny’s life. The story takes a strange turn after this however, when the little girl confides to the reader her true feelings: I tell him (the doctor) I am grateful That my grandmother still lives in her cottage
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