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AnimalDevelopment - Useful Animal Development Words Aboral...

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Useful Animal Development Words Aboral surface- portion of the sea urchin body opposite mouth and containing openings for gonads Acrosome- the vesicle at the tip of the sperm head which contains enzymes to digest the jelly layer of the egg Acrosomal process- a protrusion of polymerized actin that forms at the tip of the sperm head after the acrosome has released its contents. In sea urchins, this contains molecules used in species recognition. Acrosomal reaction- the process in which the acrosome releases its contents to digest the jelly layer and actin polymerizes into the acrosomal process Allantois- a membrane in the eggs of many vertebrates that stores wastes Amnion- a membrane in the eggs of many vertebrates that contains fluids surrounding the embryo and keeping it hydrated Animal pole- in species with asymmetric yolk distribution (frogs, not urchins), the yolk-poor part of the egg cell, where cleavage is rapid Archenteron- inner tube formed during gastrulation, becomes primitive gut Blastula-
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