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HDFS 341 Name ___Dina Mumm __ Reading Prep 1: Fair Housing Legislation: Not an Easy Row to Hoe 1. What was the problem in the 1960’s in the U.S. that lead to the need for fair housing legislation? Blatant racial segregation that led to a lack of funding and quality of neighborhood schools between Black and White neighborhoods. 2. List the two conflicting values that hindered the passage of the fair housing legislation. The selling and renting of large scale properties and the small home owners that wish to sell or rent out their home or apartment. 3. Who were the major lobby groups and why were they involved with fair housing? NAACP and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights were involved with all things that had to do with equality and fairness. 4. Early in the debate why was the fair housing legislation omitted from the larger civil rights bill? They believed that it would bring the bill down and be cut out so the larger civil rights bill was easier to pass. 5.
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