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Ch. 17 outline: Physical Activity Epidemiology Research I. Purposes of Epidemiology II. Observational vs. Experimental Research III. What is Epidemiology? A. Definition B. Distribution i. Frequency – prevalence, incidence ii. Patterns – person, place, time C. Determinants D. Application IV. Physical Activity Measurement Definitions A. Physical activity vs. exercise vs. fitness B. Frequency, intensity, duration V. Assessment of Physical Activity
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Unformatted text preview: A. Surveys B. Objective Measures VI. Epidemiologic Study Designs A. Descriptive i. Cross-sectional B. Analytic i. Cohort studies a. design b. Relative Risk (RR) c. advantages & disadvantages ii. Case-control a. design b. Odds Ratio (OR) c. advantages & disadvantages iii. Threats to Validity a. bias – recall, selection, measurement error b. confounding C. Randomized Trials...
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