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Ch. 18 outline: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research I. Establishing cause and effect A. temporal sequence B. cause and effect are associated C. association can’t be explained by another variable D. only determined by logical thinking applied to well-designed experiments II. Sources of invalidity A. Review of internal vs. external validity B. Tradeoffs between the two III. Threats to internal validity A. Types of threats i. History ii. Maturation iii. Testing iv. Instrumentation v. Statistical regression vi. Selection bias vii. Experimental mortality viii. Selection-maturation interaction
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Unformatted text preview: ix. Expectancy B. Controlling threats i. Randomization ii. Placebos, blind and double-blind set-ups iii. Uncontrolled threats a. reactive or interactive effects b. instrumentation c. experimental mortality IV. Threats to external validity A. Types of threats i. Reactive or interactive effects of testing ii. Interaction of selection bias and experimental treatment iii. Reactive effects of experimental arrangements iv. Multiple-treatment interference B. Controlling threats V. Types of Designs A. Preexperimental B. Experimental C. Quasi-experimental...
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