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Biochemistry Lab Report

Biochemistry Lab Report - The Effects of the...

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The Effects of the Enzyme-Substrate Complex, Competitive Inhibition, and Denaturation of the Enzyme on Enzyme Reactions Shanna Moore Student ID #00608051 Section A21 February 10, 2007
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Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to examine the effects of a substrate and inhibitor, ad well as the effects of denaturation on an enzyme. Since enzymes are essential for even the most basic functions of life, it is important to understand how they work, and what they need to create a reaction. Qualitative observations were made on the color change of each test tube in this experiment. With the help of controlled variables, it was possible to determine what effects a lack of substrate, presence of substrate, presence of inhibitor, and denaturation of the enzyme had on the enzyme. It was determined that it is necessary to have a substrate present for a reaction to occur, while the presence of an inhibitor and denaturation of the enzyme prevents a reaction from occurring. Introduction Enzymes are proteins that facilitate the basic chemical reactions that facilitate life. This experiment examines the effects of certain amino acids on an enzyme. The basic question being, what happens when the enzyme is combined with certain things such as a substrate or inhibitor? Qualitative observations were made to determine which reactions occurred and which did not. These were made by examining the color change in each of the four test tubes. Enzymes require a substrate in order for a reaction to occur. Enzyme- substrate combinations when in the presence of an inhibitor, in this experiment Malonate, will not be able to sufficiently catalyze the enzyme. Enzymes will not produce a reaction when denaturation occurs either. While utilizing two controls, this experiment will examine the effects of the substrate, inhibitor, and denaturation on the enzyme, and its ability to produce a reaction. It was hypothesized that test tube #1 would not change colors, because the enzyme was not combined with a substrate. The goal of this
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Biochemistry Lab Report - The Effects of the...

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