Wieland Response - Fallen from his lofty and heroic...

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Fallen from his lofty and heroic station; now finally restored to the perception of truth; weighed to earth by the recollection of his own deeds; consoled no longer by a consciousness of rectitude, for the loss of offspring and wife—a loss for which he was indebted to his own misguided hand; Wieland was transformed at once into a man of sorrows! (Wieland, 258) Throughout Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland the message about the dangers of things such as enthusiasm and seduction are quite apparent. In the above passage, the results of falling victim to these things are illustrated through the demise of Wieland. His transformation from a man who “lived in the bosom of security and luxury” (p.43) to a “man of sorrows” (pg 258) can be seen first and foremost as a cautionary tale of fanatical faith and seduction by those with insincere intentions. Also, this passage is unique because of its usage of the word “transformation” which appears in the title, then only a few times in the entire book. A largely important aspect of this story lies in its references to the theater. Consequently, when examining the usage of “The Transformation” within the story, it is important to define it within the context of the theater. Transformation in the theater is defined as a seemingly miraculous change in the appearance of scenery or actors in view of the audience (dictionary.com). When examining the word in this context, it is easy to
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Wieland Response - Fallen from his lofty and heroic...

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