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Colleges should not employ teacher

Colleges should not employ teacher - understand One way...

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Colleges should not employ teacher’s assistants to teach undergraduates unless they can pass an English Comprehension test that is pertinent to the subject matter that they will be teacher. A huge problem in undergraduate education is the lack of understanding due to a teacher’s assistant that is not able to comprehend questions asked during discussion or laboratory sessions. It is not too much to ask that the TA’s be required to comprehend the material in which they are teaching. There are two ways to ensure that the people responsible for thousands of undergraduates’ education are capable of teaching the lessons in a way that students can
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Unformatted text preview: understand. One way would be for these TA’s to be required to take the class that the students are taking before they are entrusted to teach it. The other suggestion is that the TA’s be required to take a general comprehension test. This test could test there ability to process questions and process clear, concise answers. This should not be too much to ask of those in charge of our educations. If they cannot pass a simple comprehension test, or the very class they are supposedly experts in, than how can we expect them to be capable of properly teaching it to others....
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