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Sociocultural Comparison Paper Interview Questions: Basic Information Year of birth: Gender: Race: Place of residence: Include any other relevant demographic information: Overall Where were you born and raised? Please include detailed information about the geographical location as well as information about the school, population, diversity, and socioeconomic status of your community. What were your dreams and aspirations? Did you get a chance to achieve your dreams and aspirations? Why or why not? Is there one defining factor of culture which is vastly different from the culture when you were young? If so, please explain? What was the biggest influence in your life (negative or positive)? What is your happiest memory? What similarities & differences to you see between yourself at 18 and someone who is currently 18? Education Describe your level educational attainment. What is the highest grade you completed?
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Unformatted text preview: Did you attend college? Why or why not? What was the norm for your generation in relation to college? Family Structure & Roles How many siblings do you have? What is your relationship like with them now? While growing up did you have to help around the house? If so, how? What holidays did you celebrate with your family, and how did you celebrate? Did you give or get gifts? What was discipline like for you growing up? Did your parents use physical punishment? Did you have a curfew? Employment When did you get your first job? Did you need to help make and income for your family or did you get the job for other reasons? Media, Entertainment & Recreation What was your favorite part of the 70s or 80s What TV shows were you a fan of? What was your favorite music? What did you do on the weekends? What were your hobbies as a teenager? Where and how often did you go out to eat? What kind of sports did you like to play/watch?...
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Sociocultural_Comparison_Paper_Interview_Questions - Did...

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