Jamestown Settlement - Courtney Robinson 1 Savage Land to...

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Courtney Robinson Savage Land to Civilized Community 1 Savage Land to Civilized Community: The Great Transformation of the Chesapeake In the hopes of finding wealth in a land unknown, colonists ventured out to settle the “New World”. Although rough beginnings seemed to deem this colony as the new Roanoke, sudden changes in economic resources turned the colony around. Through the social, economic, and ecological trials and triumphs of the Jamestown settlement, there is a great transformation from a “savage land” to a “civilized community”. The social relationships between the Colonists and the Indians, economic gains through cash crops, and the ecological metamorphosis all aided in the great transformation of the Chesapeake Region. The term savage and Indians almost seemed to coincide in the minds of the colonists entering the new world. With no domesticated animals, except for dogs, and no sense of property and ownership, Indians were looked down upon as uncivilized and barbaric. According to Charles Mann in his article, “America Found and Lost”, Colonists believed that " civilized landscape was one in which ownership of the land was signaled by fencing fields and raising livestock."(2) They felt that it was in their best interest to civilize this community and remake it in the image of
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Jamestown Settlement - Courtney Robinson 1 Savage Land to...

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