Issue 3 - It seems to me that both sides of this issue are...

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Issue #3 Reflection: Is Medical Debt a Major Contributor to Personal Bankruptcy? My dad happens to be a bankruptcy lawyer that I occasionally work for in his office. I have seen so many families come into his office filing for bankruptcy due to being overwhelmed with medical bills since they weren’t covered by an insurance company. It is terrible to see those families come in there and know that bankruptcy is really their only option. In fact after reading this article I was so curious to know about the statistics my dad has dealt with. It was interesting to hear that this is the second most types of bankruptcies he deals with behind business/investments going sour. Most of the arguments agreeing with this issue are from statistics found in the bankruptcy courts throughout the United States. One of the facts that seemed large was that half of the United States middle class who declares bankruptcy was due to medical debt. However the opposing sides of the issue argue with other statistics.
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Unformatted text preview: It seems to me that both sides of this issue are trying to prove the other side wrong with the numbers. However to me it seems that the numbers are canceling each other out, because they are contradicting each other. After reading over this issue I feel strongest towards the side arguing that medical debt is causing a lot of people to go bankrupt. I think that my opinion could be a little bias based on the fact that I have seen so many people come in and out filing for bankruptcy due to this epidemic. I really think that insurance is very unfair to the low income families. Medical insurance is important, but the prices for it are ridiculous, you should only have to pay for it when you use it to an extent. Even to the middle class families who have medical insurance; they are still going bankrupt due to the rising prices of insurance companies. The companies can just drop you immediately after making a claim, then youre just stuck with a lofty medical bill....
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Issue 3 - It seems to me that both sides of this issue are...

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