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Practice Exam 3 - NAME_ Biology 212, section 2 (Mayfield)...

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NAME________________________ Biology 212, section 2 (Mayfield) March 7 , 2007 Examination 3, Form A This exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions and one essay question for a total of 31 questions (40 points). There are six pages (three sheets of paper). The test has three versions. Each version has a different color answer sheet. Make sure that your answer sheet is the correct color. Read each question carefully. If you find the wording of a question confusing, ask! Please put your name on both the test and the answer sheet, last name first; and the middle nine digits of your ISU identification number on the answer sheet. Use a pencil. When you have completed the examination, please bring your test and answer sheet to the front of the room; you may then leave. 1. What structure is characteristic of angiosperms, but not other plants? A. seeds B. leaves C. roots D. flowers E. meristems 2. What are cactus spines? A. modified leaves B. modified buds C. modified stems D. modified roots E. modified bark (cork) 3. Which of the following plant tissues are found in leaves? A. dermal B. vascular C. ground D. choices A and B are correct E. Choices A, B, and C are all correct 4. What are plasmodesmata? A. single celled plants B. projections created by the plant cell cytoskeleton C. small channels connecting the cytosols of adjacent plant cells D. small openings on plant cell leaves E. another name for the plant central vacuole 5. What is the role of meristems in plants? A. to hold the plant upright B. to generate new cells by mitosis C. to generate new cells by meiosis D. to conduct photosynthesis E. to transport water throughout the plant 6. Root hairs are made of how many cells ? A. one. B. two. C. three. D. four. E. large numbers of cells. 1
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NAME________________________ 7. What is the term used in biology to refer to the creation of form and shape? A. differentiation
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Practice Exam 3 - NAME_ Biology 212, section 2 (Mayfield)...

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