W2 HW Behavior KEY

W2 HW Behavior KEY - AnS 101 W3 Homework for Behavior and...

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AnS 101 W3:   Homework for Behavior and Handling Due in 119 Kildee by Tuesday at 5:00. KEY Each cell counts 1 point. Suggested answers taken from the reading are given below. Other in put not listed below can be very valid too, so you will have to judge There are 8 cells in the table for Item #1. There are 5 cells in the table for Item #2. Count 2 points per cell (half credit is possible if you so deem, so then 1 point of the 2 given. Add 4 points for completing the assignment, regardless of its form, then divide the total by 3 to put on a 10 point basis. Record the score out of 10 points. Take off 1 point if they forget their name or number. Directions: Find the reference: http://animalbehaviour.net/index.htm a website collection of animal behavior information by Dr. Paul McGreevy at the University of Sidney, Australia. A copy of some key material has been also placed out on the class folder in case of server problems. At the top of this page, you will find references for information on companion animals and farm animals (others too). Choosing these links will enable you to access chapters from the book: Notes on some Topics of Animal Behavior by Dr. Judith Blackshaw. These are the notes that will be most helpful for you to complete this homework. If you cannot find the link or if it is inoperable, we have placed temporary copies of these chapters of her book in the AnS 101 folder for W2. Pick one food animal species and one companion species (considering horses as a
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W2 HW Behavior KEY - AnS 101 W3 Homework for Behavior and...

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