Communication Arts 272 Lecture 2

Communication Arts 272 Lecture 2 - Increasing listening...

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Communication Arts 272 Lecture 2/20/08 Listening is important: Most of our communication time is spent listening 45 listening 30 speaking 16 reading 9 writing -learning, language acquisition Listening can be defined by: Attending to a message Reception of messages (verbal and nonverbal) Constructing meaning in one’s mind 5 kinds of listening 1. discriminative: all about understanding a meaning. Attending to both verbal and non verbal aspects of the message. Understanding what the meaning of the message is 2. comprehensive: understanding and being able to recall. Think about coprehensive with classes. Listening and trying to understand to make it easy to recall at another point. 3. Critical: goal is to evalute. And then either accept or reject a message. Judging a message. 4. therapeutic/ empathetic: Listener acting as a sounding board without judging the speaker. Feelings 5. Appreciative: tends to be listening in a very casual manner. Do if u are just hanging out with friends but they don’t have a problem. Takes the least amount of effort
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Unformatted text preview: Increasing listening skills: Active Listening:-Paraphrasing-Repetition-Mnemonics: way to remember something SACAJEWIA-Note taking: if u write something down you don’t only hear it you also write it down Improving empathetic listening skills:-respect-understand before responding-check your understanding-listen for relational meaning, not just content Listening and Memory- Short term (listen to it long enough to respond but that’s it) vs. long-term listening (comprehensive listening) Word Rate and Listening Comprehension:-comprehension steady <250 words per minute-250-400 words per minute dramatically decreases comprehension Time Compressed Speech and Listening: King and Behnke 1989-Does compressed speech affect different kindsof listening differently?-1. Comprehensive-short term-discriminative. Interpretive hypotheses: look at learn at uw lecture slides look at study on learn at uw...
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Communication Arts 272 Lecture 2 - Increasing listening...

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