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Communication Arts 272 Lecture 5

Communication Arts 272 Lecture 5 - o Pan cultural for...

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Communication Arts 272 Lecture 5: 2/11/08 7 major classes: -Kinesics: visual body movements Vocalics: deal with vocal ques other than the words themselves Physical appearance: having to do with physical appearance Haptics Proxemics: use of interpersonal distance or space Chronemics: use of time in a message system Artifacts: manipulative objects, t-shirt, bag, something that what it means to have something Emblems: Gestures that replace speech Culturally specific Learned Intentional, deliberate, aware Illustrators - tied to speech - accent, complement, repeat, contradict - learned, intentional, aware - Types include: o Deictics: pointing o Beats: rhythm o Iconics: structural similarity o Metaphorics: little resemblance to meaning Affect Displays - Physical state of face, body or voice, indicative of emotional state of sender - Origins: part of biological endowment
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Unformatted text preview: o Pan cultural for facial o Cultural variation in elicitation-Intentional or not-Basic emotions: happy, sad, fear, disgust, anger and surprise Regulators Behaviors governing back and forth flow of communication in interaction Unintentional; low awareness Origins: innate cognitive and emotional processes Object and Self Adaptors-Movements directed at self Gaze and Eyes-Very important part of communication-Dialated pupils are tended to be seen as more attractive-People focus on eyes as the majority-Eyes can be used as an adapter. Thinking. Posture: Def position of the body-neck turn can display a position-leaning back vs. leaning forward-bowing a form of reverence-mimicking people value those people more highly when they were mimicking you Proxemics:-Def: study of...
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