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Communication Arts 272: Review Sheet Lecture 1: Watzlawick: Axioms of Communication - one cannot not communicate - communication takes place all the time it doesn’t have to be intentional Axioms: - one cannot not communicate - every communication has a content and a relationship aspect such that the latter classfies the former and is therefore a metacommunicaiton - the nature of a relationship is contigent upon the punctuation of the communicational sequences between the communicants - human beings communicate both digitally and analogically - All communicational interchanges are either symmetrical or complementary, depending on whether they are based on equality or difference o Symmetrical interaction: characterized by equality and the minimization of difference, while complementary interaction is based on the maximization difference o Complementary: one person is found as the superior and the other the inferior. Ex. Mother and infant, doctor and patient, teacher and student
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Unformatted text preview: o Metacomplementary: in which A lets or forces B to be in charge of him; by the same reasononing, we could also add pseudosymmetry in which A lets or forces B to be symmetrical. Chapter 1:-Participants: are the people who communicate, asssumingthe roles of senders and receivers during the communication, Senders form messages receivers interpret messages and behaviors-Context: setting in which communication ecounter occurs: physical, social, historical, psychological, cultural -Messages: a persons verbal utterances and non verbal behaviors to which meaning is attributed during communication. -Meaning: thoughts in our minds and interpretations of others messages.-Symbols: words, sounds, actions that are generally understood to represent meaning 5 principles:- interpersonal communication is:- purposeful- continuous- transactional- relational- irreversible...
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