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MHR 300 Exam 1 15 February 2008 1. Organizational Culture is an important issue facing management at Pinkberry because in order for Pinkberry to be a success all of the employees need to have similar beliefs on how the company should be run. They also must have shared values in order for the organization to be effective and have a positive and rewarding work environment. Both of the owners need to make sure that they have similar goals in mind for the future and both want to work hard to create and maintain the trendy and sophisticated design of Pinkberry. The owners also will have to be able to deal with the conflicts if the national culture is different than the organizational culture. People of the nation need to be in favor of Pinkberry as a design brand and not just your local frozen yogurt shop. Decision-making is another important issue for Pinkberry. There are many key decisions to be made by the owners, Shelly Hwang and Young Lee, such as: Do they open more stores across the country so more people have access to the Pinkberry goodness or do limit the number of chains so that it becomes a treat when you come across a Pinkberry store? In the Fast Company article, Eli Portnoy, a strategist, states how he thinks that expansion could possibly damage Pinkberry’s “cool factor.” Do they lower the price of Pinkberry so that more people can afford it or do they keep their prices higher so the customers pay not only for the yogurt but also for the luxurious experience? Also in the Fast Company article, Harry Balzer, a food-
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industry analyst, explains how he is skeptical that consumers will continue to pay upwards of $5 for Pinkberry over time. Do they create more flavors of frozen yogurt so that people have a wider selection
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MHR exam 1 - MHR 300 Exam 1 15 February 2008 1...

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