Hw4 - 2 Prob 4.34 3 Prob 4.35 4[Prob 4.45 Negelect small-signal parameter r O for the NPN transistor 5 Prob 4.49 6[Prob 4.51 Neglect r O for this

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Feb 11,2008 Tufts University, ECE Dept. EE 12: Homework # 4, Spring 2008 Due : Feb 21, 2008 Note: All questions are from the prescribed text book, Electronics , 2 nd Ed. by Allan Hambley. 1. [Prob. 4.33] Only solve for β = 300 for all four parts. For parts (a),(b) and (d) you have already show in homework-3 that it is in saturation. Find the approximate V CE and I C . For part (c) show if it’s in cut-o± region or not and state the reason for it.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Prob. 4.34 3. Prob. 4.35 4. [Prob. 4.45] Negelect small-signal parameter r O for the NPN transistor. 5. Prob. 4.49 6. [Prob. 4.51] Neglect r O for this problem. 7. [Prob. 4.60] I DC is an ideal current source and therefore a open circuit for small-signal circuit. 8. Prob. 4.61...
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