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MHR exam 2 - MHR 300 Exam 2 14 March 2008 1 Stinger has...

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MHR 300 Exam 2 14 March 2008 1. Stinger has high levels of both external and internal locus of control. It was hard to distinguish the predominant one as he discussed both what he was doing for the company and what the company was doing. One statement made me believe that he had a higher level of external locus of control when he discussed why he couldn’t unveil cuts in the company’s product line because his top executives had not finalized their plans. He states, “The executives were all put in place, what was I supposed to do? Show up on Monday and say ‘I don’t like who you’ve given me?’” The articles also mention how Sony’s managers handle their problems quietly and without informing top executives. This takes away from Stringer’s control making it more external. However, there are other instances in the articles where Stringer talks about the things that he is going to do for the company personally, like when he states, “I had to work as hard as I could to get to know people.” Stringer seems to have a moderately high tolerance for ambiguity . He doesn’t seem to prefer situations where there is a lot of uncertainty but he is able to handle stressful situations pretty well. He survived both the exploding battery incident and the delay of the Playstation 3 release all in his first year on the job. Also in all of the articles Stringer always seems to be relatively cheerful despite the adversity to Sony and the criticizing comments made by others. He also seems to enjoy the challenges that are presented to him at his job. Even if his workplace is stressful, he handles it quite well.
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Stringer has a high level of affective organizational commitment . He states in one article that he plans on working at Sony for at least another three years. Also he appears to be so cheerful when discussing everything that I believe he really enjoys his job no matter how difficult it is at times. Stringer seems to want to exert extra effort for the good of the company like when he outlined his vision for Sony, which to me signals that he is committed to the company for the long-run. Also, I found from Sony’s website that Stringer was with CBS for 30 years which also indicates that he is a committed person.
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