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REVIEW SHEET FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS EXAM 2 – CH. 5-8, 10 CHAPTER 5 – Alcohol and Drugs Factors that affect BAC : body weight, alcohol content of the drink, size of the drink, time spent drinking, food, gender How alcohol is eliminated : 90% through oxidation process of the liver at .015% per hour, 8% through breath, 2% through sweat Binge drinking : most serious problem on campus; defined as consuming 5+ drinks at one sitting for men and 4+ for women What happens to the body as BAC changes : as BAC increases the central nervous system alters behavioral and physical functions, increase BAC further depresses the nervous system and impairs vision Date/acquaintance rape drugs : rohypnol (tranq), GHB (depressed nervous system) Symptoms of alcohol poisoning : person doesn’t respond to talking/shaking/shouting, cannot stand up, slow/abnormal/labored breathing (8- breathes a minute), clammy skin, rapid pulse rate and irregular heart rhythm, lowered blood pressure, vomiting Fetal alcohol syndrome : alcohol crosses the placenta but experts don’t know exactly how the alcohol causes problems for the fetus (the alcohol or the acetaldehyde may be harmful), might cause blood flow/nutrient deficiencies problems, causes birth defects Categories of psychoactive drugs and drugs found in each : o Stimulants – amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, caffeine, ephedrine o Depressants – benzodiazepines, barbiturates o Narcotics – opium, morphine, codeine, heroin o Cannabis – marijuana o Hallucinogens – LSD, PCP (phencyclidine hydrochloride) o Inhalants – glue, gasoline, nail polish, aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids Basic effects and dangers of each type of drug : o Stimulants – speeds up the nervous system; highly addicting and can be fatal, episodes of psychosis o Depressants – sedatives that depress the central nervous system, reducing tension/anxiety, inducing relaxation, drowsiness or sleep;
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