KINE 198 - Day 2 Notes

KINE 198 - Day 2 Notes - Inner vision how do you feel? Know...

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KINE 198 – Day 2 Notes Skill related fitness: o Agility o Balance o Coordination o Reaction time o Speed o power Average Joe Fitness: o Cardiovascular fitness o Muscular strength and endurance o Flexibility o Improved body composition Cardiovascular the most important! 2 motivations for exercise: o Outside-in: Reduces disease risk Controls weight Future-oriented o Inside-out: Feels good Enjoyable Focuses on the present Visualize yourself as an exerciser Physical vision – use imagery, develop a movement mission
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Unformatted text preview: Inner vision how do you feel? Know what you want to feel when you exercise and make it happen Mastery focus vs. ego focus Flow: integrate body and mindget lost in the movement Inergy: connection between mind, body, and soul FITT formula: o Frequency how often? o Intensity how hard? o Time 20-60 minutes each, continuous or intermittent o Type...
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