edpsych2 - Sensorimotor - development is dominated by...

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Sensorimotor - development is dominated by senses and movement - infant changes from being reflexive to reflective Our thoughts begin as reflexes 6 substages 1. Reflexive Schemas, Exercising reflexes or simple reflexes - birth to one month - reflexes are inflexible 2. Primary Circular Reactions or First Habits - one to four months - first sign of voluntary behavior - simple motor behaviors centered around the body 3. Secondary Circular Reactions - four to eight months - object manipulation 4. Coordination of Secondary Circular Reactions - eight to twelve months - object permanence - goal directed behavior(combination of schema to obtain a goal) - “ A not B error” 5. Tertiary Circular Reactions - twelve to eighteen months - Experimentation(Acting on objects in novel ways) - Action and consequence removed from self 6. Mental Representation or Internalization of Scehmas - eighteen to twenty four months - Representational thought begins - language - make believe play Preoperational Thought 2 to 7 years -Symbol usage (language based, art development) - No operations - Operation- an internalized set of actions - Organized
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edpsych2 - Sensorimotor - development is dominated by...

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