Exam_1_Review[1] - • Physiological responses to obesity...

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REVIEW SHEET FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS EXAM 1 – CH. 1- 4, 9 CHAPTER 1 – Intro to Personal Health 7 components of wellness 4 factors that influence personal health 9 tips for stress management Define health and wellness Predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors CHAPTER 2 – Health Related Fitness Difference between skill and health-related fitness 5 components of health-related fitness FITT formula – components and what they mean Karvonen formula – know components and how to calculate THR (won’t have to do  any math on exam) Components of an exercise session Principles of fitness training Define mastery focus and flow CHAPTER 3 – Hypokinetic Conditions Examples of lifestyle activity Risk factors for CVD – controllable and uncontrollable
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Unformatted text preview: • Physiological responses to obesity • Prevention and risk factors of low back pain and osteoporosis CHAPTER 4 – Nutrition • Components of food guide pyramid • Definition of macronutrient and micronutrient • How to recognize whole grain products • Types of fat • How to read a food label • Types and warning signs of eating disorders • Definition of body composition • Red flags for weight loss programs CHAPTER 9 – Diseases • Types of communicable and non-communicable diseases • Symptoms, treatment, and prevention for all communicable diseases in book • Risk factors for cancer • 7 warning signs of cancer • Detection methods for skin, breast, cervical, and testicular cancers • Asthma risk factors • Symptoms and treatment for Type I and II diabetes...
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Exam_1_Review[1] - • Physiological responses to obesity...

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