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Name: Class: Assignment 2 – Understanding Health Related Fitness and Hypokinetic Conditions 1. List the components of a workout and the importance of each. - Warm-Up: It prepares the body and the heart for more vigorous work to come. Helps increase blood flow to the muscles that will be used during the exercise, and increases the heart rate. Without warming up musculoskeletal injuries can occur. - Pre-Stretch: Is important to warm-up the muscles that will be used during the workout. - Activity: This is the part of the exercise that helps out entire body including the cardiovascular system. - Cool down and Stretch: The heart rate needs to be lowered gradually by slowly reducing one’s activity. Stretching after working out is an optimal time to increase one’s flexibility. 2. List three physiological responses to obesity. - More blood vessels needed to circulate blood. - Higher blood pressure since the heart has to pump harder. - Musculoskeletal joint problems (i.e. Arthritis, gout, bone disease, varicose veins, etc) because of
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