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Absalom Jones Log #12 October 18 Mr. Absalom Jones’ story is quite an inspiration. Jones was born into slavery, but he would turn out to make history, primarily for his narratives, 'People in Colour' and 'Thanksgiving Sermon'.He is also known for his burning desire to officiallyend the African slave trade. He thrived to accomplish this for many, many years but, unfortunately he did not succeed. Jones, however, still made an impression wide enough to make American history. His personal escape from the treacherous life as slave is another accomplishment of Jones' that made a mark in history. Though Absalom wasn't part of a dramatic escape like some of the run-away slaves' stories, he still escaped from his life as a slave when in 1784, Absalom was able to buy his freedom and live his later years as free man. I consider this the escape from slavery of an intelligent man. Also, Absalom Jones taught “himself to read with a copy of the New Testament”
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