ED PSYCH 3 - -A unit of psychological financial and...

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ED PSYCH 3 I-self - Self as knower - Self awareness - Self continuity - Self agency Me-Self - Self as object of knowledge and evaluation - Self concept - Self esteem Harry Stack Sullivan 3 selfs of childhood - Good me - Bad me - Not me Contemporary theories Divide into 3 processes Self knowledge - Self concept Self evaluation - Self esteem Self Regulation - Moral Behavior and Self control Changes in Self concept Early Childhood - physical characteristics - possessions - specific abilities Mid late Childhood - social aspects - competencies What accounts for Change - Cognition - Metacognition
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- Social Comparision - Physicaly Development(sexual) - Culture/ Parents/ {eers Sexual Identity - sexual being - sex values - sexual orientation - gender identity Self esteem - part of self concept - involves judgement of self worth and feelings associated with those judgements Family - A complex set of interacting relationships influenced by the larger social context
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Unformatted text preview: -A unit of psychological, financial and economic support Functions of the family unit-survival-reproduction-socialization-economic-social order-emotional support Diane Baumring-set regular tasks-provide intellectual environment-tv/video game restrictions-demands the child to put away belongings-solicit the childs opinions-use of love withdrawal-encourages independent action-stands firm-cannot be coerced-fixed bed time-curfew-cler ideals-encourage interaction with older adults-mom hs independent life Child reearing types Based on-nurturance(warmth)-communication(warmth)-maturity demanded (control)-control (control) Low Warmth High Neglectful or uninvolved Indulgent or permissive Authoritarian Authoritative Co-regulation...
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ED PSYCH 3 - -A unit of psychological financial and...

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