Philosophy - Philosophy Even if we grant PSR and appeal to...

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Philosophy Even if we grant PSR and appeal to a supernatural cause why God? 1. god is a personal being 2. God created the universe. 3. God in omnipotent 4. God is omniscient 5. God is perfectly good The Ontological Argument A priori argument Requires only the concept of God Addresses the concern that the explanatory entity lacks the properties of God St. Anselm God= a being greater than which is not possible 1. possible- 2. existing in thought vs. existing in reality 3. perfections(and existence) 4. reductio and absurdum Ontological Argument 1. God is by definition a perfect being 2. Existence is a perfection 3. Therefore God exists The argument from design 1. Pattern and order are present everywhere in the natural world. 2. The best explanation for the existence of a highly ordered system is that an intelligent mind designed it. 3. So the order we find in the universe must be the product of a vastly intelligent being- God Global Order Chaos vs. regularities Simple laws The world is comprehensible William Paley(1743-1805)- When we come to inspect the watch we perceive that its
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several parts are framed and put together for a purpose Hume on the analogy - Several gods - A not so smart god who copied from others - A sequence of gods who learned via trial and error - An inferior god(other gods make better worlds) - An elderly god who has since died Darwin’s naturalistic alternative Good design can be produced by natural selection working over millions of years After 1859 there are three candidate explanations(intelligent design, chance, natural selection) Natural selection basis Finite resources+ variation within a population+ trait transmission adaptation Complex adaptations result as cumulative effects The struggle for existence - sometimes the winners are just plin lucky - sometimes they are more fit(better designed) owing to random variations in the population the propagation of traits - organisms pass many of their traits to their descendants - when these traits are fitness enhancing they will increase in population over time. Traits that have a lower fitness will decrease and eventually disappear the depth of evolutionary theory - the fossil record - genetic relatedness - distribution of animals - artificial selection - witnessed in real time - computer simulations - integration with independent scientific investigation; geology, genetics, biochemistry, physics etc… The problem of Evil
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Philosophy - Philosophy Even if we grant PSR and appeal to...

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