WorkersPay[1] - Sheet1 Page 1 {

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 { ---------------------------------------------------------- Program Description: This program will use procedures to evaluate gross and gross pay of the worker by inputing the number of hours worked and calculating withholdings. pg.104------------------------------------------------------------} program WorkersPay const payrate= 9.63 sstax= 0.06 fitax= 0.14 sitax= 0.05 uniondues= 6 dependdues= 10 overtimerate= 1.5 var hrs,{the number of hours worked this week} grosspay,{the gross pay} netpay,{the net pay} dependents,{the number of dependents} withholdings,{the total withholdings} socialdeduc,{the social security deduction} federaldeduc,{the federal income deduction} statededuc,{the state income deduction} uniondeduc,{the union deduction} dependdeduc{the dependents deduction} : real {----------------------------------------------------------- PromptForInput: This procedure prompts the user to enter the number of hours they worked this week.------------------------------------------------------------} Procedure GetData(var hrs, depend: real) begin writeln('Please enter how many hours you worked this week, then press return:') readln(hrs) writeln('Please enter your number of dependents, then press return:') readln(dependents)...
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WorkersPay[1] - Sheet1 Page 1 {

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