A Day in the Life of a Female

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A Day in the Life of a Female If I had to spend a day in the life of a girl my life would be extremely different. It would be different in my overall living situation and even in schooling. If everyone had a chance to spend the day in the life of the opposite gender, I think everyone would understand everyone else much more. One of the first things that I believe I would notice is emotions. I am sure that females are more in tune with their emotions than guys and they are able to express them more easily. It would probably be a good way to let out stress and frustration. It would also be a good way to get out of an argument and still be right. Another thing that I would notice is the once a month cycle that I would have to deal with. It would be a pain but on the bright side, it would give me an excuse to be crabby, unreasonable and impossible. I would also be able to milk it for all its worth. I
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Unformatted text preview: would be able to skip classes if I had cramps and I could even use that excuse to pamper myself. Another thing that would change about being a female is that I could wear makeup. This could enhance my looks or even hide my natural flaws. As a guy you dont hide anything. You are who you are. Being a girl, I would also have to spend a long time doing my hair. It would take much longer to dry and it would be hard to style compared to short hair. Females also have the advantage when it involves the latest celebrity gossip magazines. Females can buy gossip magazines and openly read them, when on the other hand men wouldn't be seen buying them. Overall I think that I would rather stay as a guy. There is too much to worry about being a female and too much style to keep up on due to the pressures of being a woman....
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