The Great Debate - The Great Debate Evolution vs...

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The Great Debate: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design “The state of knowing; knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding,” as Webster puts it, is the definition of the word “science.” This word alone represents justice in the battle against intelligent design, which in my opinion, is not scientific and should not be taught in public schools. First off, “there is no scientific evidence that supports the Genesis accounts or the existence of an “intelligent designer.” (Sprackland 29-34) This statement alone contradicts the exact definition of the word science. In the defense of evolution, there are new discoveries made everyday to prove its truth, such as bone excavations and linked genetics. “Intelligent design is not science because its answers cannot be verified through experiment or scientific methods and are not subject to being discarded or modified if evidence shows where they are wrong.” (Sprackland 29-34) There is no objective information or facts to back up ID, therefore, should not be a decision that has to be made
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The Great Debate - The Great Debate Evolution vs...

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