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LSC 100 Memo To: Vicki Hildebrandt From: Travis De Wolfe CC: Date: September 16, 2006 Re: Research Report Topics of Interest There are three different topics of interest that I have that should be informative and entertaining. These topics will be used in a research report that is being written for the Life Science Communications class I am enrolled in. The first topic is how skin is formed. Because most of the class is planning on majoring within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, they should have some type of interest in biology or sciences. It is a unique, fun, and interesting topic to study and everyone should be able to relate to it. Cloning animals is the second topic. It is a relevant topic in today’s society and could
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Unformatted text preview: spark some debate on whether it is a good idea or bad, which would make great discussion among the class. Subacute rumen acidosis is my third topic and genuinely one of my own interests. Being interested will allow me to spend a lot of time on it without getting bored. A reason why my audience would be interested is because the topic was originally studied at the UW Veterinary School. I hope these topics will give you a good idea of what I had in mind for my research report. If anything needs to be altered in any way, let me know. Thanks for your time. Travis James De Wolfe 1...
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