american - What it is to be "American" is...

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What it is to be “American” is impossible to sum up in a speech. I was thinking about just picking something common like the American Dream or another hit and miss subject like that. But while thinking about what exactly I wanted to do my speech over, I discovered that no one can coherently sum up the term “American.” America and being American are so many things. Not just one of these topics can analyze or describe “American” well at all. So this brought up a lot of questions to me. Such as, how has America grown since the birth of our nation? How does the government influence us? What is freedom? And in what ways is America affected by such freedoms? The answer may be up to each individual, but this is what I’ve put together in my mind. Some of it may be over exaggerated, but then again, it might not. America is a contradiction. It is everything all at once. Do we have freedom? Of course, unless you happen to be an Arab dude name Ahmad. Then you are an enemy combatant and you spend the rest of your life at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with a bag over your head and electrodes on you ball sack. Is America the land of opportunity? Sure. But some people are afforded more opportunities than others. If you are born white, while it doesn’t guarantee you success, the odds are certainly in your favor. Right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
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american - What it is to be "American" is...

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