music industry - A Politicians the media the police...

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American Humanities Music Industry I. The post-war music industry. A. Rock and Roll music emerged at this time due to record labels 1. New record labels emerged and started producing new artist and new sounds 2. Radio stations from the South started channeling music across the country 3. The emergence of the teen market helped to shape the evolution of today’s youth culture 4. There were constant attacks on the new music styles B. The concert industry developed and helped advertise various artists 1. About every town in America had a theater to play at and was an affordable price for the public 2. National record store chains started and independent record stores 3. Diversity appeared in the stores which also helped out artists C. The US economy 1. Growth of jobs was an outcome with helped to shape society 2. The stock market was able to bring music to almost everyone 3. Built factories which gave people jobs and money to buy the records and concert tickets 4. Entrepreneurs made it possible for almost everyone to get music II. War against music in the 1950’s
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Unformatted text preview: A. Politicians, the media, the police, district attorneys, and the church attack the music B. The obstacles the culture went through has also helped to shape it what it is today 1. High retail prices has helped the musicians to make money 2. There has been a steady stream of technology since the end of WWII 3. Also, the effects of the war caused social change and growth and from that came the changes in music 4. Songs were banned from being played because of the theme C. Rock and roll 1. Originated in the US during the 1950s and appeared during racial tensions 2. Came from the already developed music, R&B 3. Originally music played by black people in the south and then migrated all over the US 4. Now the musical combination of blacks and whites also caused controversy 5. The music market was both blacks and whites, so they had no problem with racial problems 6. Rock and roll was an overnight success 7. Teen idols were often rock and roll artists...
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music industry - A Politicians the media the police...

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