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TC Neuhs 10/10/07 Physics 11 E. Sabancilar Lab #2: Acceleration of a System of Two Objects Introduction and Theory: The purpose of this lab is to determine the acceleration due to gravity and friction on a body in a two object system. The idea is that if you record the amount of time necessary for an object to travel a set distance you can calculate the force on the object and its mass and by graphing them you can find the acceleration due to gravity. If one mass is connected to another by a sting and pulled over a pulley and the masses of the string and pulley are negligible then Newton’s second law would say ∑F 1 = T-f = m 1 a and ∑F 2 = m 2 g-T = m 2 a Where T is the tension in the string, f is the frictional force, g is the acceleration due to gravity, m is the mass and a is the acceleration. Then by combining the two equations we can say m 1 g- m 2 a- f = ma m 2 g – f = (m 1 +m 2 ) a These equations are only useful if you can determine the value of acceleration. This can be done because we know the kinematic equation x = x o + V o t+ 1/2at 2 By manipulating the experiment so that x o and V o are both zero we can conclude that acceleration will be equal to X = 1/2at 2 a = 2x/t 2 Now that we have the equations set you can see that the recordings that are needed are masses and the time interval that the mass traveled for. The time intervals were recorded by using photo gated that recorded the time for the object to accelerate one meter. This was done with five
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separate hanging masses and a constant cart mass as well as with a constant hanging mass and three different masses of the cart. Data and Performance
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Physics_Lab#2 - TC Neuhs Physics 11 Lab #2: Acceleration of...

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