1302 - Rogers 1 Jake Rogers 22 November 2004 Dr Peterson...

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Rogers 1 Jake Rogers 22 November 2004 Dr. Peterson English 1302 Informative Essay Young Americans in our world today revolve around wealth and don’t think of the future before spending carelessly. With the new age of credit-cards and more advanced technologies, college students have become more in debt than ever before. One swipe of the card can change everything. “The current boom in plastic is one of those rare moments in history when one payment form overtakes another as the preferred way to pay”(Sapsford 8). This phenomenon has only happened a few times throughout history. Some of the new forms of payment that overtook another were the barter and shell currency, metal coins, checks in the middle ages, and in 1690 Massachusetts was the first colony to introduce paper money as an accepted monetary unit (Sapsford 8). “In terms of money, last year was like no other. For the first time, Americans used cards-credit, debit and others-to buy retail goods and services more often than cash or checks” (Sapsford 8). I believe that
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buying Roge rs 2 with a card, you just sign a piece of paper and don’t actually look at the amount you are spending. Cash is easier to track and you only use money you have, not money you will pay back in the future. The recent wide use of credit cards has brought about an increased convenience for Americans, but more debt than ever before. For some, cash is a big inconvenience. Cards are always there and you don’t have to wait on getting change back. The nation now uses cards to subscribe to cable TV, pay taxes, buy subway fares, contribute to charities, and hire Phil Marlowe, a 17 year-old in Massachusetts to cart stuff on the back of his Chevy Silverado. He carries a cell phone with a “PowerSwipe” snapped on to the back to handle his transactions. His sales roughly doubled when he started advertising credit- card acceptance on the side of his truck (Sapsford 8). Credit-card innovations also make things more
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1302 - Rogers 1 Jake Rogers 22 November 2004 Dr Peterson...

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