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Research paper - Rogers 1 The Lives of Thomas Jefferson and...

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Rogers 1 The Lives of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin Throughout our nation’s trials and tribulations, heroes have led us to become a great nation. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are among the greatest of these. Though both were dedicated to America, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were very different. Benjamin Franklin was the tenth of Josiah Franklin’s sons. He was born on January 6, 1706. (Ford 4) Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Albernarle County, Virginia. (United) Rather than inheriting thousands of acres of land like Jefferson, Franklin inherited the art of candle making from his father. (Ford 4) Franklin not only made candles, but he was apprentice to his older brother, James. (Ford 4) This would serve as the beginning for Franklin’s vast amount of literature he would publish throughout his lifetime. Jefferson came from a wealthy family. (United) He took up the art of surveying as a young adult. (United) Jefferson would later attend the college of William and Mary to study law. (United) Franklin received his education from the grammar school he attended and his apprenticeship. (Ford 86) His father could not afford the expense of college. (Ford 86) The educational background of Franklin and Jefferson were very different. Religion is a very important aspect of many peoples’ lives. Franklin and Jefferson were no different. It was an honor for a family to have someone become devoted to the Lord
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Research paper - Rogers 1 The Lives of Thomas Jefferson and...

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