1. Tues. 11-13

1. Tues. 11-13 - 11. Culture is always changing 12. First...

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Tuesday 11/13 Socio-Cultural Anthropology – Day 1 Interview – 10 points Someone with different background than yourself 1-3 typed pages week 13 Essay – 3-5 page commentary on the book forest people use other article, 40 points, week 15 Final Exam – turn in questions 1. 16 th 17 th century interested in the rest of the workl 2. Today field work society 3. 1871 tyler culture—the complex whole which include knowledge, beliefs, art morals law and any other capabilities acquired by man (in reading) a. Who put us here b. Why 4. Learned and shared knowledge….in text 5. Difference bw behavior and action a. Behavior what you see b. Action reflects behavior 6. Behavior rude or polite? Different cultures different meanings 7. What’s the behavior and what is meant be wary 8. Emic—Insiders actual perspective 9. Etic—outsider thinking they know what’s going on 10. Explicit someone can tell you why they are doing why they are doing
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Culture is always changing 12. First studies small communities 13. Global Multivocality 14. Profs definition of anthropologyW ay of helping to understand other people and ourselves 15. Miscommunication story a. Toes pointing toward Buddha b. Mans pillow below womens waist 16. Anthropological incite 17. Born into our culture think its normal and natural but actually a lot of ways to do things 18. Methodology a. Overall i. Holistic ii. Overall iii. ComparativeHow this society compares to other societiess b. Specific i. Participant observation ii. Interviewingwhy people answer questions the way they do? c. Pervious scholarship d. Ethnic historical work 19. Challenges a. Languages b. Culture shockpsych and phys c. Biaseffects how we do research to the political context of the world i. personal...
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1. Tues. 11-13 - 11. Culture is always changing 12. First...

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