2. Thurs. 11-15 - environment effects your language iii*no...

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Thursday 11/15/07 Language and Culture – Day 2 1. Language—share knowledge of sounds, meanings, and rules; complex, not always precise, miscommunication. a. How society shapes language and how we conceive certain ideas b. Our view of our natural and social world shaped by language c. English as native language certain ideas emphasized and certain ideas never even brought up d. Biology i. Example: sounds of letters, some cultures can’t make certain sounds ii. Babies learn very early what language their parents speak e. Environment/economics i. Example: Eskimos: many words for snow ii. What one is interested in or specializes in has a bigger vocabulary revolving around that interest, therefore
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Unformatted text preview: environment effects your language. iii. *no such thing as a primitive language f. Kinship/psychology/religion/politics i. The use of pronouns in a language 1. What you call yourself, different types of I’s and You’s etc… 2. How do you address someone? 3. Names a. Last names: pasted down, hyphenated, random, made up 2. Culture and society (being revieled every time we open our mouth) a. Geographic Background b. Age i. ‘groovy’, ‘sweet’ c. Gender d. Status e. Education f. Class/ethnicity 3. Language and Social Change a. History b. Politics c. Written/oral...
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2. Thurs. 11-15 - environment effects your language iii*no...

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