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coursehero - OBJECTIVES 1 To introduce the concept that...

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Unformatted text preview: OBJECTIVES: 1. To introduce the concept that insects have been the subjects of literary works 2. To demonstrate the use of insects in literature and poetry ‘ I. Insects in literature A. Jefferey Chaucer ([3410 4400 ) “er cpmms Tm otljeaifi§ B. Edgar Allan Poe OSOQ “[8"! ‘1) “fig 61-0” 3%” C. Franz Kafka ( i 353 4149“!) V‘ . ’I D. Aipgagamusgmg -l‘160) 4‘ II. Insects in poetry A. May Swensen Cl‘ll3'm 3Q?“ “flaw? W LEW” t B. William Blake co $94 8’34} r “TE? % I C. John Donne "I‘MWI D. Paul Fleischman 323%} W9 B. Your Poems are the Best III. Conclusions: A. Insects have been the subject of numerous short stories, novels, and per B. Insects have served asinspiration for a number of literary works. ...
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